Improve Your Business with Killer Curb Appeal

Many businesses spend countless hours evaluating and perfecting internal matters – how they interact with customers, what’s in their portfolio, their webpage and so forth, and all of these things are important and should be attended to; however, of equal importance (yet not always equal focus) is a business’s landscaping. In much the same way you want to have an attractive, functional webpage that puts your best face forward, you also want to have an aesthetically-pleasing, functional well-designed landscape for your business. Here are four ways enhancing curb appeal can improve your business.

1. Your Landscape is Your First Chance to Make an Impression

Love it or hate it, people do judge books by their covers. Your landscape is your cover. Customers will make a decision about you based on how well kept your landscape is as well as your landscape architecture design. Specifically:

  • Customers will determine how much you care about presentation based on the quality of your landscape maintenance; weeds in your planters and flower garden, untrimmed lawns, dirty sidewalks and more are turnoffs while smartly designed and clean gardens, edged lawns and power washed sidewalks show you care.
  • Customers will decide how detail-oriented you are based on curb appeal landscaping. Incorporating hardscapes, walkways, planters and other nuances into your business’ landscape design show you have an eye for detail.

All of this observation translates to how customers believe you are on the inside in much the same way customers make interpretations about your capabilities based on your webpage.

2. Landscape Design Sets the Tone for Your Business

The style of your commercial landscaping signals to audiences who you are. A contemporary landscape design has a different translation about your identity than something more traditional, for example. A landscape design specialist can incorporate your identity and the tone you want to set into the landscape.

3. Your Landscape is Your Customer’s First Welcome to Your Business

Using hardscapes like stone or wood benches, walkways, a gazebo or a vine-wrapped pergola to create ambiance and to create a space for customers to have shade or to hide from rain as well as an attractive place to walk. Even if your business has a sidewalk along the road and through the parking lot, a pavered walkway is a more attractive and intimate way to welcome customers.

4. Your Landscape Architecture Reveals How Organized You Are

When everything comes together from signage to clean parking lot and sidewalks to stylish walkways, garden design and a clean lawn, your customers get a sense of how well-organized you are; this makes customers want to do business with you.

Curb appeal landscaping can make or break your business. As a business owner, of course you have a lot on your plate, which is why many businesses hire a commercial landscaper for design and installation and for commercial landscape maintenance.