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Why Snow Removal is Important for Commercial Properties

Snow removal is a topic many commercial property owners hate to think about. It’s a cumbersome, thankless task that is oftentimes well beyond the means of handling in-house.  When done properly, it not only helps protect the occupants, customers, and guests of the businesses on the property, but it also works to shield the property owner from injury and accident liability.  When not done properly, it is something that will eventually catch up with you and make you wish you had left the work to professionals.
The benefits of enlisting the services of a commercial snow management company in Burlington County, New Jersey are many.  By using the services of professionals to clear snow from your commercial property. you’re helping to guarantee the safety of your employees and clients during the cold winter months. The issues may not be clear to you, but we’ll discuss them below.
Local codes, insurance regulations, and even lease terms make the property owner legally responsible for addressing the care of your commercial property to ensure the safety of everyone who uses the premises, including tenants, their employees, customers, and other visitors and guests.  When not properly managed, snow and ice increase the risk of slip and fall accidents and may actually encourage people to file personal injury lawsuits against you. In addition, employee slips and falls can affect the productivity and efficiency of your business. These all add up to prove that your best course of action is to enlist the services of a professional service provider to clear the snow and ice on your property.

Preparation is the key, especially for heavy snowfalls.  Professionals will oftentimes work both ahead of and during a storm to help minimize its effects on your property, in addition to the typical post-storm cleanup activity. Professionals maintain specialized tools and fleets of equipment to remove snow and ice from your commercial property in both a timely and safe manner.  The specialized equipment and training help to assure that snow will have a minimal impact on your business operations. Always be certain to sign on with a reliable snow management company in Burlington County, New Jersey to handle your snow and ice management needs.

You can expect a wide variety of snow management services from a reliable snow management company in New Jersey. Some of the services provided by such a company include:

Snow Plowing

​This is the basic building block of snow management services offered by a commercial snow removal company. Planning, skills and equipment are employed to plow  snow and move it to designated snow pile locations the property.  In more extreme cases, snow may be removed to a specific off-site location depending on conditions. A professional service provider will this all planned in advance, before a weather emergency develops. 

Salting & De-Icing

Ice buildup during winter snowstorms is another safety and liability risk. The ice that builds underneath the snow is dangerous to pedestrians, and drivers alike. It can increase the risk of slip and fall accidents on your property. Your snow management company considers the safety of your employees, clients, and everyone who uses your property.  Ice management can involve pre-treatment with liquid deicers and solid ice melting materials before any winter precipitation begins to fall, to delay and in some cases, prevent ice forming.  During and after a storm, solid deicing materials and salting are highly effective and time-saving in removing ice and keeping your property safe.

Snow Hauling

​In more extreme snow accumulations, it may not be viable to stockpile the plowed snow on-premises. In such cases, alternative snow dump sites can play an important part in removing snow and ice from your property. A professional snow management company has access to alternative dump sites where they can haul the snow removed from your property. Most service providers will haul the snow away during nighttime to prevent any disruptions to your business.

Snow management services own industrial-grade machinery and employ the necessary manpower to do the job efficiently and in less time. Their drivers are skilled and experienced in operating heavy-duty vehicles even under snowstorm conditions. 

Sidewalk Clearing

​The sidewalks and entryways of your building also need attention during the winter months.  Professional snow management companies have the specialized equipment to deal with small jobs like sidewalk and entryway clearing, where larger trucks and tractor-mounted plows won’t fit.  They may use everything from backpack-style lead blowers to remove light accumulations to snow blowers and specialized, purpose-built sidewalk plows for heavier accumulations. Make sure you work with the best snow management company in Burlington County, New Jersey to remove snow and ice from your commercial property.

Tools of the Trade

In addition to shovels and snowblowers, we have bobcats, salt trucks and plow trucks to take care of everything from narrow walkways to large parking lots. Plus a wide array of UTVs, skid steers, small tractors, snowrators, snow blowers, back packs and hand tools

Plow Trucks



Snow Shovels


Front End Loaders

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Burlington County Snow Removal
Snow removal services

The Right Choice

​Burlington Property Services (BPS) is a trusted name when it comes to winter snow and ice management in and around Burlington County, New Jersey. BPS provides a vast array of winter management services including snow removal, snow hauling, ice removal, snow blowing, salting, and shoveling. BPS specializes in snow management services for commercial organizations of all sizes, shopping complexes, retail locations, industrial sites, and others. We handle everything from single, stand-alone buildings to entire office campuses and large warehouses and distribution centers.  BPS utilizes the latest technology and follows the newest trends in snow management. We have the expertise and equipment to deal with all types of snow management situations. Contact BPS right now for all your snow management needs in Burlington County, New Jersey.

If you are searching for the best snow management service in Burlington County, New Jersey, look no further than Burlington Property Services.

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