Like Jon Snow has said- “Winter is coming!” Is your business ready? Burlington Property Management offers snow and Ice removal services for your business or corporate park. Hiring a professional company to remove snow and ice from your business is important as it cuts down on the amount of employee accidents due to trips and falls on the snow and ice, it helps the flow of traffic in and around your business and it frees up time for you to worry about other aspects of your business.

It’s important to hire the correct company though, so here are some things you should ask in advance of signing any contracts:

How close are you to my business and what will be the response time?
Burlington Property Services only takes on clients that are within a 15 minute radius of our base of operations in Burlington, NJ. Storms vary and are constantly changing so ask us for our detailed plan for when we would start work on your business.

What is your pricing structure and what kind of contract will I have to sign?
[Insert stuff about that here]

What kind of equipment will you use to remove snow and Ice on my property?
Since we deal with properties of all sizes, we have several pieces of equipment that we use during our jobs. In addition to snow shovels and snowblowers for detail work on sidewalks, we own several bobcats with plows attached and trucks with plows and salters. This allows us to quickly clear large parking lots and salt them to help the melting process.

Will a member of the Management Team inspect the property to make sure the work has been done properly?
[Insert your response here]

Make sure you are ready for the 2017-2018 winter season in Burlington County, NJ. In this part of the state, we get everything from several feet of snow to sleet, freezing rain, and ice. Our company can quickly and professionally deal with any storm.