7 marketing trends for property management in 2017
Individualization of everything.
Shorter attention spans.
Mobile, mobile, mobile.
Video comes to property management
Interactive and live feeds are hot.
Social media as a support channel.
Charitable partnerships pay off.
Read on to learn more about the seven marketing trends you can expect to be hot this year.

1. Individualization of everything
Think of how this new marketing strategy evolved. Ever since Coca Cola launched the “Share a Coke” campaign in 2010, personalization has been hot. We live in a “me” society — it’s all about the individual. People want monogrammed lunch boxes, names on their license plates, names on their beverages and numbers on shoes.

Property Management License Plate
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This is something that every marketing team can learn from. Find creative ways for your property management firm to introduce personalization into your sales process. It’s a strategy that will keep trending throughout 2017.

2. Shorter attention spans
Today’s generation isn’t just focused on personalization but also prone to lose focus quickly.

Consider the millions of short videos on Facebook, Instagram and Vine. Then there’s SnapChat, the mobile app people use to send videos and pictures that self- destruct within seconds of being viewed.

Whatever you do, keep it short and get to the point fast.

Between the Starbucks coffee dates and CrossFit classes, this generation takes its marketing straight up. Grab their attention and get to the point or get lost.

3. Mobile, mobile, mobile
Repeat after me: MOBILE.

In 2016, more internet traffic came from mobile devices than desktops. This isn’t just a fad; it’s the new reality. The mobile movement is fully underway, and is expected to keep picking up speed.

To attract and retain clients, your property management company must have a website that can be viewed on the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. A mobile-ready website also earns higher Google rankings than one that hasn’t been optimized for mobile viewing. Find out if your website is mobile-ready.

The importance of mobile accessibility is here to stay. Make sure your website can be viewed on the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets.

Get your marketing strategies mobilized. Your websites, emails, ads and any marketing materials must be mobile-friendly (just so you know, PDFs can’t be easily read on a smartphone). It’s all about giving a positive experience to your potential customers or investors. Get more mobile marketing tips here.

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4. Video comes to property management
Short, meaningful and high-quality videos are totally trending in 2017. If you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed, you see video after video after video. Create a quality video, and you grab the attention of customers and your competitors.

73 percent of home sellers say they’re more likely to list with a real estate agent who offers to create a video for them.

This year, step up your game in videos and commercial content. Work to connect with your audience on a personal level and take some time learning how to appeal to your target buyers or renters. Just because you run a property management company doesn’t mean you can’t produce entertaining, memorable and unique videos.

Forget the tragic commercials and poorly designed PowerPoint video presentations. Invest in an excellent videographer or photographer. Do not go small or cheap on this. Video is a powerful sales tool.

5. Interactive and live feeds are hot
Any live or interactive marketing that you can do within your property management company’s larger marketing strategy is ideal. Whether you launch an interactive “Find your next home” app or host a live video feed of an open house, this trend will run hot through 2017.

As mentioned previously, the public’s attention span gets shorter all the time. Interactive marketing helps to grab and maintain the attention of your customers. Expect live, interactive content to become even more popular this year.

6. Social media as a support channel
While your property management firm may provide support by email, phone or in person, now’s the time to add social media support to the mix. If you aren’t active on social media, your company is missing out. Social media posts on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are magnets for home hunters. Your property management company should be using the resources available, and leveraging social media to provide customer support.

Use Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to engage with prospective buyers.

Building a positive brand image on social media can help retain tenants, while a negative image can do just the opposite. So stay active on social media and respond to both positive and negative comments about your property management company. It’s critical to ensure customers have a positive experience with your company at all times.

Property Management Watering Cans
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7. Charitable partnerships pay off
More and more property management firms are choosing a local philanthropic cause to support. Consider the TOMS shoe brand or the DIFF Eyewear company. Businesses that support a charitable cause have a significant marketing advantage. Consumers feel good to work with companies that are making the world a better place. Choose a charity related to your business — donate to your local shelter, build a Habitat for Humanity home or run a fundraiser to help the needy pay for heating or cooling during particularly expensive months.

Pick two trends to try
These are just seven marketing trends that your company could try in 2017. To increase the odds of success, pick one or two and devote yourself to mastering them this year.

A property management company must be ready to adapt to different trends and constantly changing cultural factors. You’ll need to spend some time creatively evaluating how to best employ these trends, but you can do it. Your market is always changing; you’ll have to keep up or get left behind.